Ystyriwch, Gyfeillion annwyl, gymhellion cariad a gwirionedd yn eich calonnau. Take heed, dear Friends, to the promptings of love and truth in your hearts. x

Quaker presence at the National Eisteddfod

Important dates: Postponed until 2021 – new dates: 31st July to the 7th August  TREGARON, Ceredigion



at The National Eisteddfod of Wales

What’s needed?   Volunteers…

 Cynorthwywyr gogyfer adran y Crynwyr ym mhabell Cytûn: mae angen rhannu taflenni, ateb cwestiynau, bod yn bresennol.  Dychwelwch gydag enwau ac amseroedd os gwelwch yn dda, erbyn 30 Mehefin. Nid oes rhaid i chi fod yn siaradwr Cymraeg. Croesawir unrhyw un i gynorthwyo.


We need helpers at the Quaker Section of the Cytûn tent: to hand out leaflets, answer questions, be a presence. Please return with names and available times preferably by 30th June.

We will want to know the parts of the week where you could potentially be available and also how many hours you would be willing to do, and any other restrictions/conditions, e.g. you might want to say that you are available every morning but wouldn’t want to do more than an hour at a time, or that you could do either one session or another but not both.

It would also be really helpful to know each volunteer’s ability in Welsh – fluent/rhugl, moderately fluent/eithaf rhugl, getting by, basic, rudimentary or non-existent. You do not have to be a Welsh speaker. All are welcome.

Could you co-ordinate the volunteer rota?

Each year we nominate a volunteer co-ordinator to work out a rota for the show. If you would be interested in reading the report from a previous co-ordinator please click this link to open the 2015 Report.

Volunteer co-ordinator and volunteers guidance notes

If you would like to consider being next years’ co-ordinator you might like to read the following:

Background. The National Eisteddfod of Wales is held during the first week of August each year in a different venue, alternating between the north and the south of Wales. It is an opportunity for many people to see one another’s faces and for public and voluntary bodies to publicise their activities, as well as a cultural festival. Many Welsh people spend all week at the Eisteddfod each year. Quakers have had a tent on the Maes since the 1970’s. But about 10 years ago, they agreed to share one large tent with other Cytûn members. This has developed into a very integrated presence. All the different denominations share responsibility for running the tent, which offers tea, coffee and Welsh cakes all through the day, activities for children and young people and a programme of events including singing, interviews, lectures as well as daily worship. All volunteers in the tent should wear name badges with Crynwyr/Quakers on them. There is opportunity for outreach though display of leaflets, through service and through conversation. It is also valuable to foster contacts with those in other denominations.

  • The co-ordinator ensures a regular Quaker presence within the Cytûn/ Churches Together marquee.
  • S/he attends preparatory meetings with other denominations in the months before the Eisteddfod.
  • S/he makes sure plentiful Quaker literature and appropriate exhibition material is available in both languages – available from our MFW Administrator.
  • The co-ordinator prepares the rota (and ideally encourages new people to sign up.) – the MFW administrator sends out a sign-up sheet with the May mailing and can circulate information by email.
  • It is best if one of the two Quaker volunteers in any particular slot is Welsh speaking.
  • S/he sees to it that arrangements are in place for a meeting for worship should we be allocated a worship slot, arranges a bevy of servers on the day we are responsible for refreshments and arranges for quantities of Welsh cakes to be produced for that day. 
  • There have been varying levels of involvement by the Friend responsible in a particular year as the Eisteddfod moves from place to place. In the past, it has been helpful when the co-ordinator has visited the Eisteddfod several times during its week of activity. 

Pictures of the Quiet Corner and the Cytun tent.


 Quaker Lecture Series


Meeting of Friends in Wales have been taking an active part in providing a Quaker presence at events such as The National Eisteddfod.

We have worked closely with other inter-faith participants together in Cytûn.

Cytûn represents Churches together in Wales and together we provide a joint presence at the show.

Urdd Eisteddfod, Royal Welsh Show, National Eisteddfod: Planning for the Cytûn Tent at these events gives Christians from different traditions opportunity to work together to provide space for important conversations, and to have fellowship together. The Quaker contribution to these is warmly welcomed.

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Mae'r swydd hon ar gael yn Welsh hefyd