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2 March 2016 marks the centenary of the Military Service Act 1916 which has enshrined within it the first inclusive right to conscientious objection;  despite advances in the human rights of conscientious objectors in the last 100 years, citizens remain financially conscripted into the armed services;  to fully recognise the freedom of conscientious objectors there should be the capacity to allow them to register as a conscientious objector to military tax and direct the proportion of their income tax that goes to the Ministry of Defence to be placed in a non-military security fund, thus allowing all taxpayers to be able to contribute their taxes towards national security with a clear conscience.

On 2 March 1916 the British Parliament passed a bill to allow Conscientious Objection to the conscription to the war. To mark the centenary, the Quaker MP Ruth Cadbury has filed an Early motion to allow people to give people the right to object to their taxes being spent on arms. 

Please refer to these websites and consider your support for the Conscience Peace Tax Campaign to spread the word, pass on the message, ask our MPs to vote for the bill and register as conscientious objectors ourselves


Ruth Cadbury’s early motion


Conscience Campaign



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